Out There

big-bend-113099_1280My website is finally “out there”!  It can be accessed at www.jmrushing.com.   It is still wet cement, so any feedback would be appreciated as I  tweak this new line of communication.  My weekly columns will become a part of the site.

The home page features a very tall door,  captured on my camera at a mosque in Istanbul.  Doors are an important symbol for the comings and goings of our lives.  It is a wonderful feeling when a door of opportunity opens for us, but just as important are the doors that do not open for us.  They, too, can be important guidance as we navigate relationships, jobs, and decisions.  Most of us can shudder to think of a decision we may have made, if we could have, and how glad we are that we did  not.

Forcing a door to open is a risky business, especially in the area of relationships.  Choosing a partner is one of the most important predictors of happiness in life. Both parties have to be on board to do the work that builds a healthy relationship.  When despite our best efforts, it all just seems too stressful and hard, the door may not be open.  It is  forcing the door when we try to change another person to fit our idea of who we hope they will be.  It is forcing the door when we abandon who we really are to be right for another person.  It is forcing the door when we close our eyes to situations and circumstances that are a part of our partner’s life that we do not want to deal with.

The door to my website has opened slowly but steadily.  Sometimes I hesitated to put myself “out there” wherever that is, but I am glad that with the help of a very smart webmaster I am entering a new place.

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