Jillian Michaels, personal trainer  of clients on “The Biggest Loser” writes, “One setback is one setback . . .it is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of your journey to a better you.”

Being able to tolerate setbacks without giving up on a goal is a part of most success stories.  We see it retold every year as March Madness rolls around.  In fact, the snowfall this past weekend, after a recent  Friday of 80 degrees, reminds us that a setback does not prevent the coming of spring.

The stumbling blocks that come our way help us to learn the patience most great things require to get accomplished.  Each time we do not give up, but instead look for an alternate route,  the confidence we need to tackle really important goals in our lives builds.  Our self doubt is not so quickly activated as we change our approach from if to how.

noSetbacks in relationships, at work, in finances, in health, in our children, in realizing dreams do not need to define us if we see them as a part of the process of moving forward.  Having the will to win is helped when we encourage those who are experiencing a setback to keep on going and share with them our belief and confidence in them.

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