Finding Your Ignore Button

catAnnoying and irritating behaviors of others can take us from joy to misery in short order.  Sometimes it is helpful to think of what may be behind the behavior to better understand it, but often it is best just to hit the ignore button and practice some healthy detachment.

Some fans in front of us at the Royals opener today made a last run for beer when the seventh inning rolled around and alcoholic beverage sales ended.  They had a supply stocked up under their seats for the remainder of the game.  It was a little distracting trying to see over them, and through them and around them and ignoring their increasingly colorful and over the top comments during the game. But when the bottom of the eighth inning saw the Royals take the lead, we were high fiving with them and forgetting our annoyances.

It’s not always so easy to ignore irritating behavior in those we live with on a daily basis.  We begin to take it personally and even imagine that the other is purposely trying to annoy and distress us.  This is a good time to find our ignore button.  Buying into an argument is sometimes the objective of annoying behavior.  Refusing to engage make the difference in keeping our serenity.

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