Your Book

I have just re-ordered “The Well Journal”  from Amazon. This notebook provides a daily record for health and other goals as well as a gratitude list, things that have gone well or been accomplished, and even a small space for venting!  Actually, whether we keep track of them or not, every day is like a page in the book of our lives.  The number of pages in our books so far is 365 times the number of years we have already lived.

For those of us in the larger numbers of pages, we might think of chapter headings in our book.  The chapters might be based on a chronological division of the decades  or shorter time periods in our lives.  What would be the titles of your chapters up to this point?   The days (pages) of our lives could also be shuffled into theme sections  like beginnings, endings, challenges, successes, surprises, opportunities, regrets, etc.

There actually is a term for this kind of activity called “Life Review.”  Socrates said a long time ago that “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  While living in the moment is recommended for mindfulness, perspective on where we have been and where we are wanting to go can help in living a purposeful life and not just putting in time.  It can be the difference between having forty years of experience and having one year of experience forty times.

What might be the name of your book?