What looked like another tragedy unfolding before our eyes, this time on a football field, has become instead an amazing source  of unity.  While our Congress takes fifteen ballots to find a grudging agreement on a Speaker of the House, it seems like most everyone readily agrees that prayer and other supports for a fallen athlete feel nearly natural and we can even talk about it without discord.   Sewing  machines are humming to put a #3 patch on every player’s shirt in the NFL and competition co-exists with respect for individual players’ lives.

Maybe we are moving away from the habit of bitter divisions because negativity finally burns itself out.  How refreshing it is to try positivity.  Humans thrive in community and feeling a part of something bigger than their own selves.  Our bodies and our spirits run better on harmony.

The letdown that sometimes happens in dreary January is a good reason to find #3’s in our own spheres of influence that could use our support and encouragement.  Not all #3’s present as an immediate emergency, but they can, nevertheless be lifesaving issues.  Animals need rescuing.  Seniors need visiting.  Children need bedtime stories and listening ears.   Workers need words of appreciation.  Families need time to play together.  Organizations like Tunnels to Towers and St. Jude’s need contributions. Mental health needs to be taken seriously.

 Finding and connecting with others  to make positive things happen  is  a recipe for miracles.  Believing in miracles and never giving up hope is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to #3 situations.