“All things are difficult before they are easy.”  Thomas Fuller.  I am not sure that absolutely all things are difficult, but many things that look easy were at first difficult.  Easy is “not hurried, is free from pain, annoyance, and anxiety.  Easy   connotes comfort or relaxation, is not burdensome, fitting comfortably, allowing freedom of movement,  attained readily, naturally, and spontaneously.” Merriam-Webster.”  

Thank goodness some things just seem naturally easy:   a pebbled path in a rose garden, drive through windows, or a friend you are nearly as comfortable with as being by yourself.  Some things become easier with practice:  learning to speak another language, maneuvering  through Excel,  sticking with a weight lifting program.

Some of the best things in life begin in the stage of difficulty.  There are fits and starts like learning to drive a car with a clutch, or getting your fingers on the right strings of a violin, or learning to live with a health challenge.

Listening in order to know someone, even a family member or friend more deeply, when you already thought you knew them, begins in the stage of difficulty. 

Feeling difficulty is not automatically a signal to stop.  It can be a stage, that if recognized as a stage,  can be worked through.  Committing to something important to you,  that may seem difficult and nearly impossible, rewards us with confidence and grace, and perhaps eventually the feeling of easy.