Time Out

The importance of a time out during a close basketball game, the spring break, a vacation, even just the weekend—all of these are as important as the spaces between the notes in a musical score.  Without taking time outs—life can feel like a jumbled mess without focus and clarity.  The time we take to step back is as important as the stepping forward.

The need to call a time out in our daily lives is signaled by burnout and boredom and fatigue.   Sometimes our bodies remind us that a time out needs to happen, and those who may have felt too busy to take a vacation suddenly find themselves being faced with a mandatory time out for a physical condition that will call its own time out.

Nature tries to help us with periods of darkness and light to stop ceaseless activity—to sleep.  The question around daylight savings time is coming into focus as we realize how the complications of turning our clocks forward and back affect our awake and sleep patterns.  Making time for more working hours may defeat its own purpose in actually decreasing productivity during our waking hours.

The wisdom of sleep (naps included) is put so beautifully by Shakespeare as “sleep that knits up the raveled sleeve of care.”  Our worries and fears and emotional fragility often seem to lessen or even dissolve after a good rest.  Being able to let ourselves take our time outs and give in to rest is good medicine for mental and emotional wellness.  Where are your “raveled sleeves” that signal a need for a break?  How will you address the frenetic pace of life and call a time out?  Begin to dream of it!