Second Home

Once again I am writing from Chicago.  I am looking out from high windows at the Chicago River and beyond that into a misty blue expanse of Lake Michigan.  From this vantage point, surrounded by tall skyscrapers, I feel perspective.  It has been a Chicago family Christmas in what to me is my second home, and we have treasured the time together like never before.  We have all survived illness and the threat of Covid and realize how lucky we are to have this time.

The holidays are often a time for returning home.  It is not easy for everyone to do that.  Some actually have no original home to return to.  Some are by circumstance prevented from physically returning there. Some find themselves being defined as who they were in the past instead of who they have become and cannot find “home” there.  For some of us, returning home is a reminder of where we began and how deeply those earliest experiences have shaped our psychological and spiritual landscapes.  Much therapy hearkens back to those beginnings, sometimes for correction and understanding and forgiveness.

We all need a “second home” where we can let down and be who we truly are, right now, at this time.  The home does not depend on bricks and mortar but in an environment that nurtures us.  We may find home in the eyes of family or friends.  We may even find that home is wherever we find ourselves, knowing that we are enough.  Home is where we start from and also where we go to for perspective and direction.