Recovery can represent moving forward after an injury, an addiction, a surgery, an illness, and even a pandemic.  Sometimes recovery involves finding something that has been lost, without even knowing that it was lost.

One thing for sure about recovery is that it is not an instant thing, but a process of moving in a different direction.  It implies that something before was not going well and there is awareness that some intervention may help to re-shape the situation.

An effective intervention will require pushing forward consistently, one day at a time.  The recovery will likely include setbacks and will test the will to begin again, and again, and again.  Any kind of recovery requires hope and the encouragement of others, especially those who have walked a walk of recovery.

We are now experiencing a national recovery from the trauma of Covid.  There are losses to mourn and grief to acknowledge.  Most of us have lost something and are not sure how to recover it or if we can ever recover it.  Our recovery from the Covid epidemic requires a new vision of what we really want and value now.

Gratitude is helpful to recovery and a good place to start.  It is looking past what we have lost to what we have left and treasuring that.  In recovering during my brush with cancer, my gratitude for each and every day of life has been life changing.  I have always felt grateful, but now it seems that everything is a miracle, even the ordinary things.  Letting my guard down a bit is not unlike taking off the mask.  We may never feel completely sure of our safety as we did before, but, nevertheless, we decide to go forward, knowing we no longer have the luxury of taking things for granted.  There is genuine confidence in remembering that in the worst of times, we got through it.

It is beautiful to see each other in recovery from whatever has been our challenge.  We see courage and creativity in one another as we negotiate new ways and new beginnings.  We must remember the importance of patience with each other as we find our ways to something new and maybe even something better.