Spring Thoughts

Have you ever read the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo?  Marie was born in Tokyo, Japan, and is an organizing consultant.  I began reading her books several years ago and then serendipitously discovered her videos.  The segments begin with her meeting and greeting her clients and their home, which is always in complete disarray, especially the garages.  The best part is when this tiny dynamo throws up her arms and says with great enthusiasm, “I LOVE A MESS!”

Only someone with vision can see through a mess and be able to stand the ugly in order to see the beautiful within.  At the end of Marie’s work, an amazed family walks through a home they could not even imagine was functional and beautiful.

Spring is a lot like this.  Under the mud and debris that has piled up during a very long winter, a single blade of green appears.  It is the promise of something beautiful that was always there but was hidden and waiting for the right time to appear.

Life gives us plenty of help in making and facing messes of all kinds.  Sometimes the messes are traumas that have been stored in the mind and body for a long time.  Sometimes problems seem to pile up like a bundle of bills in the mailbox.  It is tempting to close our eyes, so to speak, and decide not to deal with any of it.

That is when we most need to consider digging out of our own personal winters and dare to look for signs of spring and new possibilities.

Therapy is a lot like this experience.  While I have not yet arrived at saying ,“I love a mess,” the ultimate experience of spring  is to be a part in helping a  a person to re-discover their own radiant essence.  It may even have been “underground” and hidden for a very long time. 

Keep your eyes open for green shoots!