Apple Time

Most Octobers I am thinking of apples as in cider, or candied, or apple festivals.  This year I am thinking of Apple watch, a birthday gift from my husband.  I didn’t even know how much I really needed something like this Apple watch.  Yesterday I was choosing a Spotify playlist on my phone that I partnered with my room speaker and noticed the info about it was running on the face of my watch.  That’s big for this reluctant techy who still prefers paper and yellow pencils with erasers and chopping my veggies with a paring knife.  I do use a grinder for coffee beans.

This watch is just right for living in a pandemic.  It counts my steps and talks to me about when it is time to stand.  Really.  News keeps popping up on the latest pandemic rates along with other events that distract me from boredom and overthinking everything.  Sometimes my watch brings me a message or a phone call that I can take right where I am instead of trying to remember where my phone is.

In the mornings, my phone tells me the temperature so I know exactly how to dress to take our little dog out on her first outing of the day.  Reminds me that there is no such thing as bad weather if your dress appropriately for it!  In short, my apple time has become my new pandemic companion.

Part of doing a pandemic is finding out how to manage ourselves and how to set up our lives so that we can stand every aggravation and deprivation that goes with it without falling into a default of grumpy.  The secret is not pining for it all to be over, but in squeezing every little bit of joy and kindness and fun out of every minute that we are given.  A watch, any watch, reminds us that mental wellness and living a good life happens right on time when we live in the moment and bring our best efforts to whatever that moment happens to be.