Coming to accept how “gifted” certain athletes, musicians, artists, writers, teachers, etc., appear to seem can be the sticking point for not attempting to do something we may really want to do, but do not feel talented enough to try.   In her international bestseller, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, Amy Morin writes, “Although we’re often led to believe that we’re either gifted with natural-born talent or we aren’t, most talents an be cultivated through hard work.  Research studies have found that after ten years of daily practice, people can surpass others with natural talent in chess, sports, music and the visual arts.”

Realistically, while we may not have the ability to excel in every thing, the point is that with determination and practice and belief in ourselves we can achieve more than we might ever have imagined.  Some may say that they are too old to start, but if they do not, in ten years they will simply be ten years older and still without the skill they might have developed by starting ten years earlier. 

Many times, our talents show themselves in what naturally interests us—almost what we cannot keep ourselves from wanting to do. It is important to pay attention to these things because they are our gifts, waiting to be discovered.

 One of the many gifts hidden in the miseries of the covid epidemic is time.  All the things we cannot yet do and the places we do not yet go, leave a space for us to try something new.  At the end of it, what would you like to have learned or accomplished during this time?  Feel your instincts and find your gifts.