At the Testing Point

This past weekend the Vice President addressed the Air Force Academy graduates, all of them seated six feet apart, with their guests and families watching on screens at home. VP Pence quoted C. S Lewis in his address:  “Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means the point of highest reality.”

And so now in our time we keep moving forward toward our own testing points.  Will we be able to put safety ahead of the conveniences we have become so accustomed to?  Will we maintain patience and can we share when what we want and are used to having is not easily available or available at all?  Will be able to put the welfare of not only our family and friends but of complete strangers ahead of our own as medical workers demonstrate day after day?  Will our generosity reach our pocketbooks?

Will we finally see that all workers are essential and valuable and deserve to be paid fairly when at last we become aware of the invisible workers behind drive-thru windows and at cash registers and in trucks and in day care centers and all those who are quietly making our lives better?   Will we understand the courage of small business owners who not only try to make their own living but provide jobs and services we have become so accustomed to?   Will we become lovers of peace again since we can no longer afford the luxury of rancor, and, as the governor of Kansas put it, “political games”?

These are testing points that will define us and will help us to find the courage to sort out what we are really about.  Testing is not an end, but a way to find our weak spots and resolve to fix them.