Fresh Starts

The coming of a new year or a new decade invites fresh-start thinking.  When I break in a new planner and appointment book the last week of December, there is a reluctance to let go of last year’s planner with its many notes and annotations and a few “dog-eared” frequently referred to pages.    As I page through last year’s planner, it always amazes me how many changes, planned and unplanned, have happened.  I have learned to use pencil in my planner to accommodate these changes as they happen!

While some make resolutions at the start of a new year, and some 80% of these are reportedly abandoned before spring, I often just move furniture around.  A resolution to get rid of clutter can more likely happen if some new storage options, are put in a place where they are most accessible.  This year I rented a storage unit to just put things into until I had time and energy to dispose of them.  My husband reminded me how easily this could all be accomplished with a simple call to 1-800-JUNK.  An intention to read is more likely to happen when a lamp is moved to just the right place by a comfortable chair.  Violins and pianos are more likely to be practiced when they are left open and easily accessible for a few minutes here and there in addition to more extended practice times.   My book is more likely to be finished now that it is not packed away in file folders but has a dedicated desk space where chapters can be left out.

A change in the external parts of our lives can be the beginning of a fresh start on our internal patterns and habits.  It takes a little courage to move things around from where they have always been.  It is easier to lay out work out clothes for the next day than deciding each and every day if we are going to the gym.  The keeping of promises we make to ourselves is a foundation for self-confidence in our ability to shape our lives.