Coming Back

Watching the Chiefs come back from a 24-0 deficit made me think of what a great preparation this experience must be for the next game and the next.  Nothing builds confidence like surviving an intense challenge when the odds seem to be against coming back, but you do!

On the sidelines, the camera caught Patrick Mahomes walking up and down the line saying,  “one play at a time.”   That is not only how a comeback from a game deficit happens but how any comeback happens.  Facing down a serious illness or setback starts with getting control of catastrophizing and panicking and moving forward with our best moves, one day at a time.  Sometimes the illness or challenge we may be facing improves so slowly that we are scarcely aware that the momentum is changing.  This is especially true with depression.

Depression has a cyclic character that comes and goes and happens so subtly that we may not be aware of it until the symptoms of fatigue, foggy thinking, malaise, negativity, and irritability become impossible to ignore.  One day we realize that we are not ourselves any more and fear we may never return to our former selves.  Even an anti-depressant takes its time to change the momentum.  Then, when the fog lifts and we have a sense of coming into ourselves again, we have renewed confidence in our ability to come back to wellness and to hold on when are experiencing the lows.

Therapy and trusted friends are the “Patrick Mahomes” in our low times that can encourage us to keep moving forward and not giving up or giving in.  As our confidence builds, our fear diminishes, and we prevail.   That is the meaning of winning.