Seasons Greetings

I once knew a woman who had a small room in her home that she called “the Christmas room.”  This lovely room was decorated for Christmas year round.  She reminded me of the song, “We need a little Christmas” from the Broadway musical, “Mame.”  The context of the song was the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 when the heroine had lost her fortune and decided she and her family needed a little Christmas right then and there.

Now, right in the dead of winter, we celebrate this holiday of lights and gatherings, and giving.  Each year, whatever our take on the meaning of the season, we suspend our disbelief in the darknesses in our world, and like a little Child whose birthday the feast is named for, we allow ourselves to feel innocent and even a little naïve, naïve enough to allow happiness and cheer to lift our spirits.  Each time when the holidays roll around and I doubt my belief that there is something magical that always happens, it does, indeed always happen!

This year a completely unexpected package arrived with Tree of Life blueberry tea, a journal called “Create Your Own Happiness,” and an insulated mug.  These comforts held the power to keep my belief in the magic of the season alive again.  They represented the power of thoughtfulness and love that are nudged in us by the season.  While we eschew the commercialization of the season, it does give us that nudge to open our hearts and reach out.

What magic might you be prompted to make happen this season?