A Talk with Yourself

Sometimes momentum helps to keep us moving toward a goal.  College students feel the momentum of exams coming up soon and feel themselves being swept along with other students staying up late and cramming for finals. Christmas music and countdowns of how many days remain for shopping can fuel near panic as pressure mounts and activities move us along the well-known path to the holiday.

It is easy to get lost in momentum and wind up feeling fatigued and overwhelmed.    It is at this point that a talk with yourself can bring a welcome refresh and a re-set of the things that are really the most important to accomplish.  Whether zeroing in on one topic at a time preparing for the exam or going through the calendar and re-scheduling and canceling what is not doable , we can allow ourselves time to take a breath and re-focus.

What we say to ourselves can take some coaching if our inner voice tends to be critical and welcoming of self doubt.  Learning to actually talk to ourselves is not a bad idea as hearing something out loud reinforces it in our minds.  This is where affirmations that we have practiced come easily to us:  “Keep going,” “Take your time,” “I’ve got this,” “Shake it off,”  “I’m enough.”    With a little thought you can know best what to say to yourself!   For some, prayer can be part of this conversation.

It is amazing that many of us who work to be encouraging of others may forget to do the same for ourselves. It is time to have the talk.