Greeting Cards

The term “greeting cards” can be realized as anything from homemade cards to expensive and glossy cards, to pop-up cards that play musical messages, to online cards with special musical and video themes for many occasions.  

On my recent birthday I received all of these types of cards.  My favorites were cards from my grandchildren that they had taken time to create and had labored over with the spelling.  But, each card meant someone had taken a few minutes of time to send a warm thought or message my way.  I save the cards to use either as bookmarks or sometimes to just put around on bookcase or desk or refrigerator to remind me that I am loved.  We all need and deserve reminders that we are loved. 

The feeling of being loved is a powerful prescription for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  Every time when I turn on the news and see the darkness that can happen in people’s lives, I wonder what could have been done a long time ago to stem off the hatred and desperation that leads to crimes against one another.

Every time the news turns to heroes who make a positive difference in the world I also recognize that that person must have first felt love in order to be able to understand how to return it and give it to total strangers.

Feeling loved is not just a “warm, fuzzy” feeling.  It is the experience of support and encouragement.  It is the experience of being celebrated for just having lived to see another birthday.  It is a feeling of being seen instead of feeling invisible and inconsequential. A while ago I decided that Christmas cards were kind of passé and stopped sending them.  And now I have returned to my senses and realize that such a small gesture as sending a card can have a profound effect.  I have realized this from being the recipient of such cards.  It takes a long time to understand some things.