The Fear Solution

“Action cures fear.  Indecision and postponement, on the other hand, fertilize fear.”  These words were written by the motivational writer and professor of marketing and finance, David J. Schwartz.  So much of our behavior is based on how we manage our fears.  For some, putting things off that we fear to do proves the existential thought that the failure to decide is to decide.  In other words, failing to take action can result in living by default.

Fear of failure is best dealt with by taking one simple action in the direction of what we are afraid to do.  For example, going back to school can be kept on the back burner of someone’s mind for a very long time.  A step in the direction of getting past the fear of failure would be contacting a college advisor, just to look over one’s situation with a knowledgeable person.

Fear of failure in starting a business can be mitigated by talking with a successful entrepreneur and doing some research on what it would take to launch a business.  A first action may be working with a banker to estimate the cost of staying afloat while the business develops.

Sometimes fear is in facing a reality in our lives.  It could be finally looking at the numbers of one’s financial situation. The first action is opening up the bills or checking the balance sheet.    It could be in finally having a needed conversation about a relationship.  The first action could be starting the conversation.  It could be facing the fear of troubling physical symptoms.  The first action is making the appointment with a doctor. 

Getting past the fear of talking about things is a good beginning for facing most fears.  Finding the right person to take into your confidence is a  first action.  Most fears diminish as they are shared and talked through.  Options can be explored when the fear is exposed to light instead of dwelling in the darkest places of the mind.

Take a look at your fears?  What is a first action?