One of the more difficult human experiences is a sense of powerlessness.  It is a feeling that there is nothing we can do to change a circumstance or situation that we wish very much to change.   An addiction is a special kind of powerlessness.

The first step in any Twelve Step program is admitting that we are powerless over something that is making our lives unmanageable, even though living without it seems impossible.   Addiction is an illness that manifests as a powerful urge and compulsion for a substance, a behavior, or a person that will be our undoing in the end if we cannot overcome it.  Seeing it for the serious issue that it is, and admitting that we find ourselves powerless over it on our own, we are finally ready to embrace a way of life and a fellowship that can bring us back to sanity and serenity.  This process takes us beyond abstinence into Recovery of our true and best self.

Whether the fellowship is AA or Al-Anon, or Narcotics Anonymous,, or Co-Dependents Anonymous, or Overeaters Anonymous, or Gamblers Anonymous, or Clutterers Anonymous, or Sexual Addicts Anonymous, or Debtors Anonymous, or any of the programs patterned after AA,  turning over our life to a Higher Power with others who are doing the same inspired and time-tested process brings us from powerless to the true power to change.  www.aa.org is the first step to The First Step.