Growing Pains

One of the last things I was expecting to happen at this stage of life is growing pains.  But, I find myself required to once again leave my comfort zone in order to grow.  I have been at the Weston Clinic for about six years.  I started out working one day a week, and then, two.  Recently, I learned that my office availability was about to change.  It occurred to me that I am needing more flexibility in scheduling, not less, especially for couples’ therapy.  I am also beginning mediation work, so a move is in the making.

My new office will be in Kansas City, located in a legal office, between Westport and the Plaza.  My office hours will be day and evening and several days a week.  I look forward to seeing my clients at the new location, and, for all current clients, professional fees remain the same as they have always been.   I continue to do phone consults and am thinking about offering an option for online therapy.

One of my favorite therapy sayings is, “Let life guide you.”  Closing doors are a blessing that prompt us to look into new, opening ones.  I am walking the walk and will in subsequent columns keep you, my dear Weston friends, updated on my journey.  Janette