For the Love of Reading

Reading for many of us is breakfast, lunch and dinner for the mind!  Whether a lover of paper or Kindle, we have learned that books are friends we can depend on when we are in need of information, companionship on any kind of journey, and entertainment.

Just recently I was researching talking books for a client who was having vision problems and missing her lifelong habit of reading. Although Audible on Amazon provides this service, it involves a modest monthly fee.   A wonderful gem for anyone who has impaired vision or any disability that interferes with reading is The Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library.  Wolfner also supplies large print and Braille books.  The library is used actively by over 11,000 Missourians and is based out of Jefferson City. Listening machines are on loan, and all listening materials are mailed  and returned postage free to subscribers.  The service is totally free!

Getting started involves filling out an application form that can be found online at  The form can be certified by a medical professional, social worker, or librarian and submitted.  The toll-free in-state phone number is 800-392-2614.

Part of happiness is finding things to look forward to, even just on a daily basis.  Reading can be one of those things.