Wellness Check

Recently a senior member of our family decided to conduct a weekly “wellness check.”  I noticed the short calls started coming in about once a week for no specific reason other than to “see how you are doing.”    I wondered if it was because we had been going through moving.  It reminded me of the “welfare check” that police are asked to do if someone has gone missing.

“Nice of you to check in,” I remember saying.  The response was that since everyone was busy doing their own thing he would just make it his project to keep us alI updated with his “wellness calls.” It seems no one is exempt from the check from the youngest to the college aged to the busy parents to the retired.  Sometimes a brief message is left on the voicemail.  I was hearing a need to connect and someone taking the initiative to make it happen.

In some families this might not work at all, but it has become a refreshing part of ours.  For some, Facebook seems to be the easiest way to keep up on each other’s lives.  The important thing is connection.  Strong families and relationships do not just grow like weeds.  In whatever way, taking time and effort to connect with each other is like nurturing a garden.   Our wellness depends on it.  Do you need to make a contact?