Maybe our own “context” is where we abide most of the time.  Whatever our stage of life, our days are filled with appointments, obligations, schedules, and routines.  It is easy to get wrapped up in our own context until something big enough gets our attention and brings us to perspective.  Harvey in Houston is big enough to bring perspective to most of us.

Watching people carry their beloved pets in a Styrofoam cooler to keep them out of the rising waters, seeing people being hauled out of their homes in wet pj’s with only a pair of readers, and wide-eyed children on their parents’ shoulders, help us to know where our treasures really are:  life and each other.

The look on rescuers’ faces say it all:  we are made for service and will find our meaning and purpose when we can remember that we are a community of equals. I once heard it said that there are two ways to find happiness.  One is to lose it all and find out that we can still have enough, and the other is to have it all and realize that it is not enough.  Happiness gives place to joy, whatever the circumstances, when we realize our treasure is oneness with each other, and that is enough.

So many of our divisions reflect that we may have lost perspective.  Now is the time to remember how to pull together and give what we can, not only in Houston but in all the arenas of our lives.