Not If, but How

A working definition of “commitment” is not asking IF but HOW.  This applies not only to relationships but also to oneself.  This common thread in our Olympic athletes was as inspiring as their medal winning performances.

The stories of coming back from injuries and setbacks were everywhere, from every country.  The decision to set a goal and to put in the hours and accept the sacrifices to achieve it began for each one at some point in their lives.  When hard times came, the commitment carried the athlete through to the next step, or the next getting up after falling down.

A commitment to ourselves to accomplish some goal in our lives requires aptitude, preparation, and support, as well as consistent movement toward the goal. Being true to our promises to self builds confidence and momentum for tackling other goals that we can choose to make our lives what we hope them to be.

At last deciding to begin therapy for habits or attitudes that are interfering with our successes and relationships is one of the most important goals we can set.  It begins at a moment of hitting bottom or admitting that some aspect of our lives has become unmanageable and that all of our efforts are in need of support.  Consistency in setting and keeping appointments and doing the homework will bring results.  A commitment to improve an important aspect of our lives results in a quiet but most coveted “medal”:  happiness.