Saying It

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

(William Arthur Ward.)  As another Thanksgiving comes around, somewhere between the turkey dinner and black Friday it is helpful for our own happiness to think about the many kindnesses we have received from others.  It is also so helpful to the happiness of others to find a way to say it to them.

For many years I carried around a note in my wallet from an employer who took the time to thank me for my work.  It was personal and specific and a great confidence booster to a new employee.  I would never have known had he not taken the time to say it.

Last week on a good news segment, a young child from Louisiana had asked her parents to allow her to give hugs to police officers in every state to say “Thank you.” A Houston police chief said that it was like a battery recharge.

People cannot read minds.  They need to be told of their meaning and significance to others. So much incivility and assault in today’s climate badly needs the balance of gratitude and appreciation shown to one another for the things that are actually working or going right.   Personal and community mental health is made stronger in an environment of appreciation.