Diving for Peace

A sense of peace can be elusive when our days are marked with uncertainty or challenge.  Even stress and anxiety from outside of ourselves can amp us up early in the day when we turn on the morning news and absorb the reality that we live in a world of upset.

Meditation is a proven way to dive down below the surface of choppy waters into a place of quiet and serenity.  It is so accessible and easy that some tend to put it into a category with drinking water and taking a walk, that seem too easy to really make any kind of difference!

A special place or fragrant incense or ethereal music are not necessary, but if they make the experience seem more important, there is no harm.  But, really, you just have to close your eyes and sit in the quiet for a decent amount of time.  For many, just sitting still for 15 minutes can present a challenge.  There is an urge to get up and put something into the dryer, or jot down some thoughts, or answer the phone. The secret is to commit to doing nothing for this specific period of time and let the mind calm.  It is about not stressing when a thought storm comes up, but gently bringing the mind back to focus.  For some, the focus is simply on the breath as it rises and falls.  For some, a mantra or word can be the centering point.  Setting a timer takes away the distraction of wondering when time is up.

Diving for peace.  Meditation is simple, but not necessarily easy.  Sometimes I think a therapy session would be best begun by a period of meditation before the talking begins. Doing has its place; diving for peace can best inform it.