Having a repertoire of special places can be helpful in creating our own “background wallpaper” for mood management.  One of these places for many is the Gottlieb Planetarium at Union Station in Kansas City.  For less than $7 you can put yourself into an amazing perspective-bringing environment.

Entering the 360-degree semi-darkened dome allows you to sink into a plushy seat and look up into the universe.  Before the many presentations about black holes, dark matter, galaxies, and constellations even begin, gazing up at the sky alone in a hushed surrounding is an instant meditation that brings us out of ourselves and into something bigger, much bigger.

This journey into deep space is not unlike meditation.  By dropping off distractions, we can enter into our inner cosmos and identify thought constellations and patterns that create moods.  Identifying these patterns can be a first step in choosing the backdrops in our minds that filter experiences and interactions in the circumstances of our daily lives.

Having spaces to enter into when outer life becomes overwhelming can bring us back to balance.  Remembering and re-experiencing places of peace and incredible beauty is an important tool.  The planetarium can help in creating one of these spaces.