We all know someone who has been “wind under our wings” at some point along the way when we needed support.  Maybe we, ourselves, have been that wind for someone else.

Sometimes people are just tired—tired of coping with pain or depression or no money or loneliness or feeling unappreciated or bored or burned out from a job they feel trapped into working at.  I am thinking of a Scriptural reference to holding up the arms of another.  This kind of support looks like taking the time to listen and encourage.  It may be a phone call or a text or an invitation to go out.  Or, it may be just not avoiding a person who had had a loss because it may feel awkward or uncomfortable to us.  Sometimes it looks like money and sometimes it looks like work.

I remember one time when I was a young mother, hurrying off to work and day care with my first child. My husband was working in another city and I was experiencing some single parenting.  In the morning rush out the door. I locked my keys inside the house.  Luckily the doors had panes of glass, so I went to the next door neighbor (we had just recently moved into the neighborhood) and asked to borrow a hammer.  My new neighbor looked at me with my baby on my arm and asked what I was needing the hammer for so early in the morning, I explained the situation.  He got his hammer, knocked out the pane, handed me my keys and we “locked” the house back up.   To my very great surprise, when I returned home from work that evening the pane had been repaired.  I almost wondered if I had dreamt the whole thing up.  When I thanked him, he said, “Pass it on.”

Holding up each other’s arms in whatever way is needed and in whatever capacity we find ourselves able to help is itself a purpose for living.