Fun on Wheels

This past weekend the opening of the new streetcar was celebrated in Kansas City.  Some were willing to search for a parking place and then wait in line to get on.  Some 30,000 people tried out the experience and a daily ridership is estimated to be about 2,500.  There were many smiles as this new fun on wheels arrived.

Some grumble about the “extravagance” of the sleek cars and the disturbance of traffic and the cost of it all.  Why not just drive or take a bus?  Many others welcome the breath of fresh air in transportation that represents a revival of an idea that was part of Kansas City life some sixty years ago.

Fun is its own excuse for being.  So much of life can be the “same old same old.”  Thankfully, among us are those who find a way to make even the routine goings on of our lives more enjoyable and interesting.  Most every family has one of these types who disrupt the normal routine to create “fun.”  Fun often takes more time.  It can be a little messy.  Fun is hard to define, but we know when we are having it and our faces cannot deny it.

I had hoped our family could take a streetcar ride together on the past Mother’s Day, but thunderstorms got in the way.  Instead, the children transformed our house with their many pieces of artwork, games, and general upset of the routine.  I am writing this column sitting next to a giant bunny named “Charlotte” who was left over from the weekend.  I think we will just let her keep her place here for a while in this very adult room.  Among the many helps to mental wellness, the fun of seeing things in a new way is the most fun.