Alive Day

In a story about a former Navy Seal’s journey back to life after losing both legs in an explosion, the term “alive day” was used.  This term refers to the anniversary of a day when a person comes close to losing their life or has a near death experience, but survives.  The day is marked by reflection and gratitude for life rather than focusing on traumatic memories.  This reframing is not the same as denial; it is about openness to transformation.

While not many of us have losing both legs as our challenge to transform, we all experience the unpredictability of life and the reality of facing losses.  An alive day is about focusing more on what we have left than what we have lost.  It is about focusing on picking up the pieces and deciding to move forward again.  This is a process, but it begins with a decision to choose to embrace the life we have.

For some, the near death experience may have been stepping back from thoughts of suicide.  For some, the experience may have been taking the first step to leave behind a person, place, job, addiction, or situation that has had a toxic emotional effect.  The transformation comes in finding perspective—what has been learned, what is worth saving in our limited memory banks, and how can the loss be a stepping stone to a better way; what is the gift?

What are your alive days?  Do you celebrate them?