Mood Management

WinterMixMood management is an essential component of emotional intelligence.

Being a victim of one’s own moods and even indulging in imposing them on others is not a very intelligent or satisfying approach for effective living.  Being emotionally intelligent helps us not only to feel more peace with ourselves but increases our chances of getting along well with others.

Getting to the root of a mood requires a desire for insight and taking time for the process.  This leads to confidence in our ability to shape our moods.  A bad mood is like a “winter mix.”  Separating out the feelings and looking for underlying thoughts and beliefs that trigger the feelings is doable and more satisfying in the long run than flooding, venting, or simply distracting ourselves.

Sometimes isolating the physical space within ourselves where the mood is felt can offer a clue.  Physical symptoms, when ruled out as a cause of illness by a physician, may be our bodies trying to tell us something.  That something may be important information for understanding our moods.  Sometimes simply writing out our unedited feelings can be helpful in understanding what we are really feeling.

A next step is identifying any irrational thoughts or beliefs that may be triggering the feelings.  For example, an irrational thought that we should always feel happy may cause us to bury our true feelings instead of sitting with them and processing them.   With the ups and downs in most of our lives, the expectation of constant happiness can derail our mood stability.

A bad mood is an opportunity to learn how to work with ourselves.  What does it take for us to come to a place of reason and balance?  Emotional intelligence gets stronger every time we come up with an answer.