PuzzleI recently found a small library branch that actually checks out puzzles!  It’s been a very long time since I have worked on a tabletop type of puzzle, but thought it might be a fun activity for a visiting granddaughter!  The smallest one had 500 pieces.

The pace proved to be too slow for our visit.  First, there was the issue of finding a surface large enough to lay out all of the pieces and that could be left undisturbed.  Then, the actual sorting out of the pieces  required judgment and decisions about how the piles of similar colors would be made.  So far, the “like” pieces are in little plastic bags, and I am looking for a traveling base for the emerging picture on the top of the box.  My granddaughter wonders why anyone would want to go through this process in the first place.

I think it about why people like to do sudoku or wordfinds or crossword puzzles.   There is something satisfying about solving a puzzle.  The process actually is a lot like working through any problem.  First, you have to pick up the pieces and believe somehow things can be put back together.  Then there is the all important picture on the box, the vision required to know what outcome you are looking for.

Some problems are the 500  piece variety and require a neutral zone to be laid out and returned to. It takes patience and time and sometimes stepping away for a while until you are ready to tackle the puzzle again.   Now that my puzzle is in progress, I hope people in the house may fit in some pieces if they want because solving a puzzle  with help can be a good thing.

One of the most important “puzzles” that life allows us to work through is the making and keeping of a relationship.  At those times when things fall apart,,the art of “puzzling” especially applies.