FinishSeeing graduation caps and gowns reminds us that some things in life really do get finished, at least for a time.  Whether the goal is graduating from high school or beyond, families breathe a sigh of relief that the graduate has somehow come through all of the challenges along the way and is ready to begin a new phase in life.

For some it is more school; for others, a job.  For some, it is a period of re-grouping and trying to find what the next step is.

So many parts of life, though, seem never to be finished.  Parenting, overcoming personal struggles, maintaining relationships, and maintaining health and wellness do not offer the graduation experience.  These important parts of living require us to keep on keeping on.  I remember once asking for a reward for doing chores at home and was told that it was just like breathing—you don’t really get special credit for it but you keep doing it to stay alive!

Attending graduations may be a good time to celebrate the goals we are committed to, whether or not we scan see completion.   Finishing may not be an end but a process of stepping back to see how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.