My latest storage challenge has moved from closets and garage locations to my iPad mini.  Visualizing clouds and gigabytes and megabytes and deciding which of my apps might have to go is no less frustrating than paring down boxes of stuff that I really don’t use but think that someday I may need.

The truth may be  “you can’t take it with you,” but you can pay to store it.  I can put apps in my larger capacity iCloud for awhile for a fee, but he “fee” for any kind of storage isn’t just money.  It is the loss of that special feeling of lightness that comes when our affairs are more simple and uncomplicated.

StorageIt takes courage to let go of baggage, whether it is in boxes or in our emotions.  Hanging on to old patterns of behavior or stored resentments holds us back from starting each day fresh and allowing new realities to develop.

Like trying to drive while focusing on the rear view mirror, we are not free to see the present when we are mostly living in and holding onto the past.  Keeping in the moment requires us to believe that we will have what we need to cope with whatever comes our way.  The help and support we will need will be there, maybe not from the sources we would expect it to come, but it will be there if we can see it.

Storage, in a way, is a lack of confidence in our ability to meet the future.   It may be time for letting go of old apps and making room for something even better.