Laptops and Ovens

cookiesThis past week I was watching a TV commercial advertising chocolate chips and the importance of making chocolate chip cookies for one another.  It started out with something like “America, close your laptops and open your ovens.”   The commercial went on to say that chocolate chip cookies don’t just bake themselves. It takes a little effort to put them together, but it’s important enough to do.

It made me think about families gathered together for a holiday meal having to surrender their laptops and iPads and iPods and phones at the door and head immediately to a kitchen where they would do something together for the common good.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that reminds us of feeding one another, not just with food but with companionship.  Whether at a table with family and friends or at a feast with strangers, this is a time to put down our solitary selves and our solitary entertainment equipment and experience connection.

Connection is what saves us in the many uncertainties and challenges of life. It, like the cookies, doesn’t just happen by itself. We have to put ourselves in the kitchen to both give and receive this special gift.

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