Just Doing It

StairsFor 25 years Nike has continued to remind us to “Just do it.”  Whatever “it” is, there comes a time to quit talking and take action.  Sometimes we get so stuck in the pre-contemplation and planning stages of change that we never really getting around to  starting “it.”

Talking certainly has its place in therapy, but talk alone often does not seem to make the difference in making important behavioral changes.   Those who suffer from agoraphobia (fearing to leave home for other places in which a panic attack might occur), for example, at some time need to take that first step out the door.  Those thinking of going back to school to finally finish a degree must at some point google a school for information and start filling out the application.

I remember a college student who came into my office worried about having written checks that were not sufficiently covered, “Have you called the bank,” I asked.  Before we continued our discussion,  I looked up the number and handed him the phone.  This first step brought about an appointment with a banker and immediate relief.

What are  you thinking about doing?  Quitting smoking, losing weight, doing a homework project, training for a 5K, learning to do something you might have thought it was too late to learn.  What would be a first step in making it happen?  If you are really ready, just do it.

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