A Practice

It is no new idea that gratitude is an important determiner of a person’s sense of contentment and happiness.  I was recently reading about a practice of writing down 10 things to be grateful for at the end of each day and also one special moment from the day.  I decided to do this in a nice notebook with a rubber band marker and have been doing it for a month or so, except I changed it to first thing in the morning instead of last thing at night.

cat_coffeeThis practice has become an important part of starting the day.  It is amazing that while some items may be repeated, the more I look for things that I am thankful for the more I realize it is often the littlest things that make the most difference and are cause for the greatest joy.  The same is true for the special moments.

I told my dental hygienist today that she was going on my gratitude list for  tomorrow.  “Really?” she said.  I explained the practice to her and told her that it was not just because she is thorough and gentle, but because somehow she makes you feel that she really cares about where you have plaque buildup and how you are. I think she might have been surprised to think that she makes a difference in her clients’ days.

So, she is on the list.  I actually am looking forward to the other nine things that will go on it.  Happiness takes practice, one day at a time.

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