Making a Change

pencilsSomething about new school supply lists in the stores and yellow buses running again makes me think about fresh starts.  Even though summer vacation from schools seems to be shrinking, it’s a new school year, a new beginning, blank notebooks.

Most of us need to have a fresh start now and then.  We don’t have to wait for an official  new year to make the decision to open a new notebook in some aspect of our lives, especially when things are not going well.  Sometimes reframing a difficult period of our lives into something positive isn’t yet possible.  It may be time to “tie a knot” and begin fresh instead of remaining stuck.

An old animosity may have drained our energy for years and sometimes we can’t exactly remember why it even began,  Or,  the comfort of a long relationship has slowly devolved into taking each other for granted. Or, we may have carried weight that has compromised our health and we have given up trying.  Or, we find ourselves bored with the routine of our daily lives, settling for comfortable defaults like eating and sleeping with electronics.

A vague sense of dissatisfaction is nudging us to see what is happening and decide to make a change somewhere.  Shaking things up by replacing even one entrenched routine may produce the effect that energizes and stimulates hope like a fresh start.

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