What my practice is about:

doorMy practice is about walking through difficult and challenging times with a client. Our goal is to gain insight needed to make a life improvement plan and move forward.


Are you thinking about starting something new?  Support and creative problem solving can make a difference as you begin a new relationship, marriage, blended family, being single again, or contemplating a career change.

Moving Through Loss

Are you experiencing grief from a recent or past loss, chronic pain, or disability?  When family and friends have listened, but you still have much to say and work through, a compassionate and confidential ear is the most effective way to aid in your healing process and regaining peace of mind.

Relationship and Family Ties

Mediation training and 30+ years of experience in working with youth and families have motivated me to help couples and families communicate when there has been a breakdown in relationship.

Creative and respectful intervention may not only resolve misunderstanding and conflict, but may strengthen bonds and bring joy back into your family life or relationship. It is entirely possible that THE BEST IS YET TO BE.